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Jochen Peiper spent 11.5 years of his life in jail for a ‘crime’ he was not responsible for. Imagine it, if you can. 

1) He was not permitted to go to his mothers funeral. 
2) He missed his children growing up. 
3) He lived mainly on a diet of baked potatoes & bread. 
4) He was beaten. 
5) He underwent mock executions. 

This was “victors justice” they wanted a whipping boy, a scapegoat, someone to make an example of….That someone was Jochen Peiper. 

The injustice suffered by this man post war is one of the reasons why I am so angry at this post war period and farcical and cruel trial. But the stoicism he showed whilst in captivity (and beyond in France) is why I will always honour Jochen Peiper for the truly great man he is.

Can’t agree more. When I read about how Peiper suffered in the jail, I can’t stop crying.

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